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How to Penetrate GFW With ShadowSocks Docker Container on Centos7

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The quickest way to Penetrate GFW With ShadowSocks(Docker Container) On Centos7.

Install Docker CE

$ sudo yum install -y yum-utils   device-mapper-persistent-data  lvm2
$ sudo yum-config-manager    --add-repo
$ sudo yum install docker-ce

start docker

sudo systemctl start docker

pull shadowsocks container

sudo docker pull oddrationale/docker-shadowsocks

start shadowsocks service

sudo docker run -d -p 1984:1984 oddrationale/docker-shadowsocks -s -p 1984 -k $SSPASSWORD -m aes-256-cfb

You can configure the service to run on a port of your choice. Just make sure the port number given to Docker is the same as the one given to shadowsocks. Also, it is highly recommended that you store the shadowsocks password in an environment variable as shown above. This way the password will not show in plain text when you run docker ps.

For more command line options, refer to the shadowsocks documentation

windows Client

Client is the machine you want to bypass the GFW.

Download the client package Shadowsocks-win-latest-release, extract it, and run.

You can check its “System Proxy” option, which is convenient for all browsers and terminal.

now enjoy it