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What Do Cryptic Github Comments Mean?

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  • LGTM—looks good to me

  • ACK—acknowledgement, i.e. agreed/accepted change

  • NACK/NAK —negative acknowledgement, i.e. disagree with change and/or concept

  • RFC—request for comments, i.e. I think this is a good idea, lets discuss

  • WIP—work in progress, do not merge yet

  • AFAIK/AFAICT—as far as I know / can tell

  • IIRC—if I recall correctly

  • IANAL—“I am not a lawyer”, but I smell licensing issues


  • Concept ACK—agree with the concept, but haven’t reviewed the changes

  • utACK (aka. Untested ACK)—agree with the changes and reviewed them, but didn’t test

  • Tested ACK—agree with the changes, reviewed and tested